168: The New Website and Our Most Anticipated Films of 2016


The We Like Movies blog is reborn with a fresh look, exciting features, and a brand spanking new podcast feed!

The good news is we’re starting fresh with a more intuitive interface that is less likely to experience iTunes hiccups. The bad news is that by abandoning our old buggy podcast feed we’ve lost our subscriber list. SO- that means we need YOU, our faithful family to please RE-subscribe to the podcast. It’s absolutely free. All you have to do is search “We Like Movies” in the podcast section of the iTunes store, choose the feed featuring the Bert and Ernie thumbnail (ignore the old feed with the Steve Zissou picture, it’s in the process of being removed by Apple), and press “subscribe”. It’s just that simple.

Or you could just go here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/we-like-movies/id1076163984?mt=2

On this week’s episode, our first in our new online home, we gush about Squarespace, clean up a few honorable mention films left over from last week’s epic list making, bemoan the Oscar noms, and finally sound off about the 2016 films we’re most looking forward to.

New beginnings with old friends! Away we go.