New Year, New Look, New Beginnings!


Well friends, we just recently celebrated our 5 year anniversary and with 2016 shaping up to be the busiest and most productive year yet for the We Like Movies blog, Oscar and I decided it was time to do some housekeeping, give the page an overhaul, and start the year off fresh.

So we've migrated everything over to our new home on Squarespace (not a sponsor... but... we're not adverse to shilling, Squarespace... just saying... call us) and even though we're excited by the new look and opportunities the platform will afford us we still have a lot of work to do. If you look around a little bit you'll notice that things are still a little bit messy and disorganized as is usually the case when you first move in to a new home. Please be patient with us while we get settled and I promise that things will be sexy, spiffy, and shipshape in no time.

ALSO- a note about the podcast:

The WLM Podcast is our bread and butter / pride and joy. So please accept our genuine apologies regarding the technical difficulties we've been experiencing over the last week. Many of you have reached out to me about the iTunes problems and download issues. Unfortunately the migration to Squarespace proved to be more complex and time consuming than we had predicted. As such, the "old" podcast had to be abandoned. But, fear not! We've submitted the RSS feed from our new site to iTunes for verification and it should be up and live any minute now.

SO- here's what we need from you, faithful WLM family:

Please re-subscribe to our podcast through iTunes at your convenience. For a few days you may see 2 different "We Like Movies" podcasts available. Subscribe to the one that features this picture of Bert and Ernie:


That's the stuff.

Thanks for your patience and understanding, WLM fam.
Looking forward to starting this new adventure with all y'alls.

See ya out there.