Bonus - An Interview with INGRID GOES WEST Director Matt Spicer


The highly-anticipated new film, INGRID GOES WEST rolls out wide this weekend on the heels of a red-hot bow in limited release. I was fortunate enough to interview director and co-writer Matt Spicer a couple months back and he impressed me with a candid eloquence about his journey from film student to writer-for-hire to Sundance Award Winner.

The interview took place over the phone and I never really intended to release it on the site (otherwise I certainly would have arranged for a more appropriate audio-capture method). But, in light of how much I enjoyed the film, how much respect I have for Matt, and how surprisingly decent the audio quality turned out to be (after some minor tweaking) I decided it all made sense as a bonus episode.

So listen in, listen up, and go see INGRID GOES WEST post haste! I promise you that I'm not just waxing Mr. Spicer's car when I say it's one of the best films I've seen in 2017 thus far. #IGW