217: The Problematic Brevity of THE BEGUILED and a contrarian BABY DRIVER opinion


Here's the juice this week:
-We stew and hand-wring about the unceremonious sacking of Lord and Miller from the Han Solo movie.
-We chat amicable about THE LITTLE HOURS and the miraculous rise of Kate Micucci.
-We get briefly nostalgic regarding the cinematic output of 2017's first 6 months.
-We bemoan the missed opportunities abound in Sofia Coppola's remake of THE BEGUILED.
-We get awfully impassioned while agreeing (though likely not how you'd expect us to) about Edgar Wright's new heist bauble, BABY DRIVER (hard core SPOILERS kick in at 00:52:30).
We're gettin' awfully close to bicentennial time. Don't act like you're not excited <3