189: Closing out the dog days with some STRANGER THINGS chat, TIFF previews, and a HELL OR HIGH WATER review


We're gettin' a lot off our chests this week as a spirited discussion veers wildly from James Bond geekery to our belated reactions to Netflix's summer hit STRANGER THINGS. We dance through a rundown of the most high profile films recently announced to unspool at the Toronto International Film Festival, can hardly summon the energy to champion the low-hanging comedic fruit of SAUSAGE PARTY, and finally land on a HELL OR HIGH WATER gush-o-thon (Why bother playing the cards close? We absolutely loved it.) that begins at 00:41:25 and runs until the end of the podcast. We've got a lot to say and we're looking to say it to YOU.
Editor's note: Please excuse the sporadically ugly audio on this episode. We were experiencing a bad Skype connection and the pops and drops come and go. It's a little rough at times but we hope you tough it out because we're extremely proud of this conversation.