WLM Podcast #148 - The Superhero-sized ANT-MAN pod (with special guest Ryan Julio)!


This is a BIG one, folks. But it's not because of the subject matter, nor the running time of the episode (though both are respectable) but rather because our long-pursued and highly-anticipated special guest Mr. Ryan Julius Julio finally joins us for a chat.

We talk 90's nostalgia, Woody Allen, IRRATIONAL MAN, Phillip Glass, TRAINWRECK, sexual politics, and even find some time to discuss a little movie (get it?) called ANT-MAN. Then, most importantly, Ryan lends his expertise to clue us all in on the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and reminds us that we are merely pop culture-obsessed insects, clamoring for that big, sugary, tesseract called "Franchise Wish Fulfillment".

It's an emotional rollercoaster. Keep you hands and arms inside the podcast.