265: Oeuvre - The 6th Age of STEVEN SPIELBERG - 2008 - 2012


This installment is affectionately titled "The Struggle for Artistic Identity” (AKA “Who Am I?”) and spans 2008-2012:

-Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)
-The Adventures of Tintin (2011)
-War Horse (2011)
-Lincoln (2012)

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Grain of Salt: Our OFFICIAL Oscar Predictions!

With 12 hours to go before the nominations are announced, we figured we better put our official predictions in print! After all, there’s legitimate folding money on the line here. We decided to focus on the 10 categories that we deemed “most important.” No offense meant to the craft and shorts categories. We’ll get deeper into them over the next month as the ceremony approaches. See you bright and early tomorrow morning!

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264: Oscar Predictions by Oscar (and Matt)


On a rare episode in which we actually recorded under the same roof (on the same microphone, no less!), we get down to business with Academy Awards talk. We pontificate and prognosticate as we reveal our individual predictions in all of the “major” categories and take the time to curate our “fantasy” scenarios of who we’d personally love to see nominated.

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Grain of Salt: Matt's Top 10 Films of 2018

What defined the cinema of 2018? Can it be encapsulated into a single concept, a defining moment, a phenomenon, a quote, a buzz word? Years from now, what will trigger the Proustian response that brings the last 12 months of movies flooding back into our collective memory like some kind of polyphonic reminiscence? Netflix, Black Panther, Moviepass, Roma, “Shallow,” Thanos, “Numnum Cookie,” Spider-Ham, the Oasis, the Shimmer, Bird Box, “Trip a Little Light Fantastic,” “I just wanna take another look at you,” BlacKkKlansman, “The Gal Who Got Rattled,” Henry Cavill’s mustache, Cynthia Erivo’s sprint, Ted Sarandos’ leer, the Cheddar Goblin..? Maybe it will just be Milly Shapiro’s guttural clicking noise from Hereditary... One thing’s for sure- 10 years from now when we’ve allowed the tumultuous state of the world in 2018 to fade from memory we will still look back fondly at this last year as being one that not only privileged us with an embarrassment of cinematic riches but also one in which movies proudly proclaimed: “Netflix or not, here I come! I am the cinema and regardless of the venue in which you care to meet me, I have something to show you that you’ve never seen before. My wonders never cease. I’ll learn to play by the new rules. But I’m not going anywhere.”

I watched 366 films in 2018 and 99 of those were in theaters. These are the 10 that represent the quality that stood out from the quantity:

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262: Oscar & Matt's Top 10s of 2018


Dearest WLM family, it’s time for our favorite podcast of the year and, at the risk of being self-congratulatory, we think it’s one of our best episodes ever! It’s epic without being long-winded. There’s list overlap without complete crossover. There’s disagreement without dissent. There’s even a brief detour into our own personal lists of 2018 missed-movie-shame. It’s a good one.
Happy New Year, everybody. We’ve got big plans for 2019 and couldn’t be more excited to have you with us!

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260: Our 8th Anniversary and Last Podcast of 2018 Featuring THE FAVOURITE, SHOPLIFTERS, and ROMA!


On the occasion of the 8th anniversary of We Like Movies as well as our final “contemporary” podcast of 2018, we respectively submit a conversation about three of the most acclaimed films of the year, featuring a preamble with some hot-nom-talk.
It’s awards season, WLM fam. Catch the fever!

The episode breaks down, as follows:

THE FAVOURITE - 00:19:15
SHOPLIFTERS - 00:31:33
ROMA - 00:41:25



“I find I'm so excited, I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it's the excitement only a free man can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain. I hope I can make it across the border. I hope to see my friend and shake his hand. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope.”

257: Post-Thanksgiving Catch-up w/ WIDOWS, GREEN BOOK, and CREED II


It’s the holiday season… turkeys are being eaten, top 10 lists are being constructed, awards have begun to be handed out in critics groups, and we’re trying to keep up with it all! Join us as we dive head-first into a catch-up pod that’s brimming over with content like so much Thanksgiving leftovers:

WIDOWS - 00:15:52
GREEN BOOK - 00:30:35
CREED II - 00:41:05



In honor of the passing of screenwriting luminary William Goldman we decided to move this episode up in our schedule to pay tribute to one of the most talented scribes ever to sire a slugline.

And, in case you missed it a couple weeks back, consider checking out our episode dedicated to All the President’s Men- Goldman’s other, legendary Oscar-winning screenplay.



We’ve spent the last couple of months focusing on some of our different “spinoff” series… Matt was out of the country for a bit… and we had to work out some technical glitches as we get all of our domain materials consolidated under one roof…
But [!], now we’re back, jazzed about awards season, and ready to talk about the here, the now, and what’s going on at your local cineplex. Let’s get contemporary, shall we?
00:12:27 - A STAR IS BORN
00:36:36 - FIRST MAN

248: The MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT Praise-a-thon


The Mission: Impossible film series is without peer or equal in its unprecedented ability to improve with each subsequent installment since J.J. Abrams’ soft reboot three films ago. As such, it should come as no surprise that MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT, the 6th entry in this 22 year old franchise is not only quite possibly the creative peak of the series but also one of the greatest action films in recent memory.

Join us as we work our way through all 5 previous installments before leaping headfirst into a gushfest about Christopher McQuarrie’s summertime gift to cineplexes, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT. We talk about it ALL and spoil pretty much everything so be forewarned!