It's awards season! It's happening! There's no turning back! You can't escape it!
With that in mind we dedicated this week's episode to running down the 4 major critic's circle prizes that have been announced over the last 2 weeks as well as taking some quality time to address a couple of those award winners in earnest:
Vive la différence!

225: Judging JUSTICE LEAGUE and Loving LADY BIRD


It's our 2nd comic book behemoth review in as many weeks here at We Like Movies and the overwhelming fatigue has certainly crept into our collective unconscious. We struggle valiantly to remain constructive as opposed to outright dismissive about the inevitable JUSTICE LEAGUE fiasco on this week's episode. We fail just as often as we succeed- comic critical mass is a real thing, after all... But, on the upside, we also take the opportunity to gush about Greta Gerwig's delightful LADY BIRD which is almost an effective counteractant for DC doldrums.... almost...
Oh, and MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS too... cuz that's also a movie. Seriously!  

224: The Unconventional Conventionality of THOR: RAGNAROK


After an early winter hiatus we're back at it and in familiar territory with our bi-yearly shlep into the weird, wacky, wonderful, yet confoundingly customary Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's time for our spoiler-free, shoulder-shrugging reaction to THOR: RAGNAROK, the 17th (!) installment in the venerable, nigh-unstoppable MCU.   

223: A 35 year old genre classic gets sequelized in BLADE RUNNER 2049


If you thought the original BLADE RUNNER was dark, somber, deliberately-paced, and philosophically-inlined, then boy-howdy you've yet to experience the sequel. BLADE RUNNER 2049, a film nearly 4 decades in the making, has finally arrived on a wave of critical swooning and breathless anticipation... only to be met with a wildly disappointing opening weekend at the box office. Join us as we break down the film's complicated relationship with its predecessor, its ambitious approach to "franchise" filmmaking, and the implications of its current financial predicament.
Casual spoilers kick in at 00:41:45
SERIOUS spoilers kick in at 00:49:01

Bonus! If you're interested in hearing a more in-depth discussion about the 1982 original, check out this episode of our AFI Top 100 Challenge from April of last year: BLADE RUNNER

222: The MOTHER! of all Podcasts and our awards season preview


This week on your podcast of podcasts we journey down the allegorical rabbit hole with a giddily bible-obsessed (not to be confused with bible-THUMPING) Darren Aronofsky and get conflicted about his latest, unhinged, Studio-produced, "arthouse" oddity MOTHER!

But first we run down the release schedule through the end of 2017 and psyche ourselves up about awards season hopefuls.


218: Nolan Redefines Yet Another Genre with the Breathtaking DUNKIRK


Here we are, 1 episode shy of our podcast bicentennial, and what better way to celebrate the occasion than with a review of one of the most hotly-anticipated films of the summer? Christopher Nolan’s 10th directorial feature, the big, short, artsy war epic DUNKIRK bowed to nearly unanimous raves over the weekend. It appears the best picture starter pistol has officially been discharged.

We embrace Nolan’s newfound taste for brevity with a nice tight episode of our own. But before we get into the Nolan gush-fest we gotta catch up on some Comic-Con trailer premieres, brief TV talk, and an overdue reaction to SPIDERMAN: HOMECOMING.

DUNKIRK business kicks in at 00:24:18   

217: The Problematic Brevity of THE BEGUILED and a contrarian BABY DRIVER opinion


Here's the juice this week:
-We stew and hand-wring about the unceremonious sacking of Lord and Miller from the Han Solo movie.
-We chat amicable about THE LITTLE HOURS and the miraculous rise of Kate Micucci.
-We get briefly nostalgic regarding the cinematic output of 2017's first 6 months.
-We bemoan the missed opportunities abound in Sofia Coppola's remake of THE BEGUILED.
-We get awfully impassioned while agreeing (though likely not how you'd expect us to) about Edgar Wright's new heist bauble, BABY DRIVER (hard core SPOILERS kick in at 00:52:30).
We're gettin' awfully close to bicentennial time. Don't act like you're not excited <3

214: 2017 Fantasy Film League Draft, the CASSIDY RED premiere, and a controversial WONDER WOMAN stance


The past week has been quite busy for our fearless podcasters.
Travel, movie premieres, hobnobbing, and meeting-taking has defined the first week of June.
Needless to say there's much to discuss and we decided to do it in this order:
-A run-down of the 2017 Fantasy Film League Draft
-Comparing notes and nostalgicly reflecting on last Friday's world premiere of CASSIDY RED
-A brief and perhaps controversial discussion on the social implications of WONDER WOMAN's cultural impact.
So much to discuss we may need to launch a spinoff podcast!

213: Scandinavians take the Caribbean in DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES


This week we're talkin' Cannes, we're talkin' ALIEN: COVENENT, we're talkin' KING ARTHUR, we're even talkin' Netflix (natch).
We also shamelessly (albeit briefly) plug the upcoming world premiere of CASSIDY RED (if you're gonna be in LA this Friday, June 2nd, you should come out and join us!).
And, of course we gotta talk PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES because, you know, it's what we do.   

211: Summer 2017 Trailer Roundup and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY vol. 2 Review


Summer movie season has arrived f'reals.
Join us as we sound off about the inaugural film of summa 2017: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY vol. 2.
Not to toot the proverbial horn but this is really good one. It's tight, streamlined, contenty, to-the-point, and we even disagree. Which is pretty novel for this podcast!
Spoilers abound for pretty much the entire GOTGv2 convo so if you haven't seen the movie yet, you'd best bow out at 00:19:45.
Fair warning! 

210: Video Games, STAR WARS Teasers and THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS as Treatise on the State of the Franchise


We’re back!

After a spring hiatus we return to you, our beloved WLM brethren, with a discussion about one of this podcast’s most enduring and beloved topics: The Freakin’ Fast and The Furious Franchise.

But, seeing as we’ve been off for almost a month we have a lot of catching up to do. So the first half of this podcast features a diverse swath of chit-chat, ranging from the great movie theaters of New York City, brief “We Like Podcasts” and “We Like Video Games” segments, and our inevitable reaction to the recently-premiered teaser for THE LAST JEDI.
THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS talk begins in earnest at 00:43:30 and yes there will absolutely be spoilers.

It’s good to be back. We’ve missed you. You're like family and it's all about family, right?   

205: Our Unsolicited Oscar Predictions


Happy Oscar Weekend, WLM faithfuls!
Seems like just yesterday we were patting ourselves on the back and handing out golden statues. But somehow it's the glorious time of year again when the world turns its attention toward the magical world of movies. This Sunday, those of us belonging to the 30% of the population who actually watch best picture nominees will tune in right alongside the 70% who can't even name a nominee to collectively pick apart the "Super Bowl of show business".
Join Oscar and I as we psych ourselves up for the 89th Academy Awards and go on record with our predictions in each category.
If you're like us and you love this weekend- we're just under 72 hours away from the big ceremony!
If you absolutely hate this self-congratulatory season- the nightmare is just over 72 hours from being over!

203: Oscar Nom Hot Pod


We got up at 5am this morning, sat through the awkward, self-congratulatory, pre-taped nomination presentation, then immediately went on the record with our thoughts.
Our spirits were high, our opinions were fresh, our commentary was cutting and insightful! (At least that’s how it felt at 6am)
Listen in for a nice, tight, 45 minute breakdown of all things Oscar[s]!