211: Summer 2017 Trailer Roundup and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY vol. 2 Review


Summer movie season has arrived f'reals.
Join us as we sound off about the inaugural film of summa 2017: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY vol. 2.
Not to toot the proverbial horn but this is really good one. It's tight, streamlined, contenty, to-the-point, and we even disagree. Which is pretty novel for this podcast!
Spoilers abound for pretty much the entire GOTGv2 convo so if you haven't seen the movie yet, you'd best bow out at 00:19:45.
Fair warning! 

210: Video Games, STAR WARS Teasers and THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS as Treatise on the State of the Franchise


We’re back!

After a spring hiatus we return to you, our beloved WLM brethren, with a discussion about one of this podcast’s most enduring and beloved topics: The Freakin’ Fast and The Furious Franchise.

But, seeing as we’ve been off for almost a month we have a lot of catching up to do. So the first half of this podcast features a diverse swath of chit-chat, ranging from the great movie theaters of New York City, brief “We Like Podcasts” and “We Like Video Games” segments, and our inevitable reaction to the recently-premiered teaser for THE LAST JEDI.
THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS talk begins in earnest at 00:43:30 and yes there will absolutely be spoilers.

It’s good to be back. We’ve missed you. You're like family and it's all about family, right?   

205: Our Unsolicited Oscar Predictions


Happy Oscar Weekend, WLM faithfuls!
Seems like just yesterday we were patting ourselves on the back and handing out golden statues. But somehow it's the glorious time of year again when the world turns its attention toward the magical world of movies. This Sunday, those of us belonging to the 30% of the population who actually watch best picture nominees will tune in right alongside the 70% who can't even name a nominee to collectively pick apart the "Super Bowl of show business".
Join Oscar and I as we psych ourselves up for the 89th Academy Awards and go on record with our predictions in each category.
If you're like us and you love this weekend- we're just under 72 hours away from the big ceremony!
If you absolutely hate this self-congratulatory season- the nightmare is just over 72 hours from being over!

203: Oscar Nom Hot Pod


We got up at 5am this morning, sat through the awkward, self-congratulatory, pre-taped nomination presentation, then immediately went on the record with our thoughts.
Our spirits were high, our opinions were fresh, our commentary was cutting and insightful! (At least that’s how it felt at 6am)
Listen in for a nice, tight, 45 minute breakdown of all things Oscar[s]!

202: The Top 10 of 2016 Lists (plus hot Globes talk)


Our beloved Top 10 of the year podcast is here again and this time around we someone managed to bring it in for a landing shy of 90 minutes.
Maybe we're gettin' better at this, nearly 200 episodes in...
We start off with a brief Golden Globes breakdown before diggin' in for the good stuff: Our favorite films of 2016. Thanks for being with us. 



There's an embarrassment of riches out there at the multiplexes these days (God bless the holiday/award season!). But "limited release" schedules often get in the way of our ability to stay current with everything that's generating "buzz" (curse you, Seattle and your big city/small market conundrum). That being said, we're endeavoring to catch up this week with in-depth dissections of 4 "prestige"
films that are currently in theaters and vying for your holiday movie-going buck:

00:42:01 - MOONLIGHT

We're confident in our reactions and we're proud of this pod. Hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed chattin'.

196: FANTASTIC BEASTS brings the wizarding world stateside and ARRIVAL proves to be an unexpected sci-fi tearjerker


We've waited long enough for the "prestige season" to save us from a criminally underwhelming 2016 cinematic slate. The arrival of ARRIVAL signals that good things are to [finally] come. We gush over that instant classic science fiction game-changer, wax affectionate (if briefly) about the charming Marvel slam-dunk DOCTOR STRANGE, and perform a deliberate, simultaneous shrug in response to the newest film in the extended "Potterverse"- FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM. It's good to be back. Let's settle in for this holiday season rollercoaster that is sure to give us much to discuss.

195: Discussing INFERNO and the cinematic legacy of Dan Brown


After an extended foray into AFI territory during the dregs of the early fall movie season we return to you now with a real, honest to goodness review of something that's actually, legitimately currently in movie theaters!
The bad news is that we chose to hitch our wagon to a supremely mediocre star. The good news is that our reaction to the movie INFERNO and our reflection on Dan Brown's cinematic trilogy as a whole lays the groundwork for a rousing discussion and dissection. We even find the time to talk Halloween, holidays, and the complicated politics of "facebook birthday wishes". Good stuff. Good pod.

191: Bemoaning THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN and stroking Netflix (again)


Westerns are back en vogue but unfortunately the new remake of the THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN doesn't look primed to achieve the classic status of its predecessor. On this week's episode we do our best to try and break down what went wrong with this clunky oater and also spend at least 15 minutes counting the ways we adore Netflix.
Because we do. So hard.

190: Catching up with CASSIDY RED delivery news, Telluride, Venice, and TIFF responses, plus a preview of potential awards season contenders


We're catching up on everything!

-Matt's feature debut- CASSIDY RED is delivering this week...
-The Telluride, Venice, and Toronto film festivals have anointed movies like ARRIVAL and LA LA LAND and NOCTURNAL ANIMALS and MOONLIGHT as award season heavyweights, so there's a lot to discuss there...
-SULLY and SNOWDEN give us a reason to discuss "recent", ripped-from-the-headline, titular character-monikered "biopics" that curiously both start with the letter "S"... 
-Non movie related BS and small talk...

We're so happy to be back. Hope you've missed us as much as we've missed you....

189: Closing out the dog days with some STRANGER THINGS chat, TIFF previews, and a HELL OR HIGH WATER review


We're gettin' a lot off our chests this week as a spirited discussion veers wildly from James Bond geekery to our belated reactions to Netflix's summer hit STRANGER THINGS. We dance through a rundown of the most high profile films recently announced to unspool at the Toronto International Film Festival, can hardly summon the energy to champion the low-hanging comedic fruit of SAUSAGE PARTY, and finally land on a HELL OR HIGH WATER gush-o-thon (Why bother playing the cards close? We absolutely loved it.) that begins at 00:41:25 and runs until the end of the podcast. We've got a lot to say and we're looking to say it to YOU.
Editor's note: Please excuse the sporadically ugly audio on this episode. We were experiencing a bad Skype connection and the pops and drops come and go. It's a little rough at times but we hope you tough it out because we're extremely proud of this conversation.

188: Reminiscing on the Summer of 1996 and Bemoaning SUICIDE SQUAD


After some technical hiccups and unexpected disagreements over a couple of polarizing films during the last few episodes, we're back in lockstep and firmly on the same side of the aisle regarding the last "big" tentpole of the summer of 2016- the already infamous SUICIDE SQUAD. That conversation kicks in at about 00:24:40 but before that, we amuse ourselves with further GHOSTBUSTERS dissection as well as a brief, nostalgic look back at the summer movies of 1996. We're amped, we're opinionated, we're ready for primetime. Listen in and we'll love you for it.

186: Comic Con Trailer roundup and STAR TREK BEYOND disagreement


As the mercury rises and the pages fall off the calendar, the We Like Movies podcast keeps fighting the good fight and trekking (get it?), ever vigilantly, back to the multiplex to screen product and proffer opinion. On this week's episode we talk San Diego Comic Con, break down all of the new trailers, muse about the recent, encouraging onslaught of  western genre exercises (who knew? It's coming back!), and even carve out 25 minutes to disagree about the newest installment of the rebooted STAR TREk series. We've been disagreeing more and more these days... This might be the beginning of an exciting trend....

185: The Contentious GHOSTBUSTERS Dissection


After an extended, mid-summer hiatus we return to you now with one of the most terse, impassioned, argumentative conversations we've ever recorded. The pod starts off with a lot of good-natured catch-up before descending into a full-on rift regarding Paul Feig's GHOSTBUSTERS reboot.
We back, we're heated, we're answering your call for a podcast with teeth.